Accredited Investor Verification

Verify Your Status as an Accredited Investor

In order to participate in our private investment offerings, SEC guidelines mandate that reasonable steps are taken to verify an investor's accreditation status. The criteria for accredited investor status can be found here (you must meet one or more of these criteria). Please provide one or more of the following in order to verify your accredited investor status:

  1. Tax Returns: Send Pebble Ridge your last two years of tax returns and a letter explaining why you expect to earn the same amount or more this year. This is for verification based on income.
  2. Asset Statements: Send Pebble Ridge documents including, but not limited to, bank statements, brokerage statements, certificates of deposit, tax assessments and a credit report from at least one of the nationwide consumer reporting agencies, and a letter explaining this representation, dated within the last three months. This is for verification based on net worth.
  3. Verification Letter: You can have a registered broker-dealer, an SEC-registered investment adviser, a licensed attorney or a certified public accountant fill out this letter stating that they have taken reasonable steps to verify that the purchaser is an accredited investor within the last three months and has determined that such purchaser is an accredited investor. If you use a major financial institution, they should be familiar with this letter (net worth). Your CPA can likely provide you this for verification based on net worth or income.

Please upload your verification documents below, or email them to [email protected]